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Package Forwarding

Do you need a physical address in the United States? We have partnered with below companies who are the best in the industry of package forwarding. They will provide you with a US shipping address and excellent rates for international shipping of your order.

Sign up today with MyUS and receive 10% off on your first Fedex or DHL shipment.
*Use your MyUS address for your US Unlocked Card.

Sign up today with OPAS and use promo code USUNLOCKED for zero sign up fee (normally $25) and receive 10% off on your first shipment. OPAS is located in Oregon, zero sales tax state.
*Use your OPAS address for your US Unlocked Card. 

Sign up today with WannitUS, use promo code USUNLOCKED and receive an additional 12% savings for your first shipment. FREE Registration and NO Monthly Membership Fees. 
*Use your WannitUS address for your USUnlocked Card.

Sign up today with and use promo code UNLOCKED for $10 off your first shipment. Reship is located in Oregon which has ZERO SALES TAX.
       *Use your Reship address for your US Unlocked Card. 

Special 25% discount on a Lifetime Membership to Shop and Ship. Register today at Shop and Ship using code USUN65347634 at checkout. Once registered you will get 8 physical shipping addresses in New York, London, Shanghai, Dubai, Istanbul, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Johannesburg where your shopping will be received, before delivery to you. 
*Shop and Ship address can NOT be used for your US Unlocked Card.

Looking for a more cost effective shipping service to Australia? Shipporter offers all the convenience of an air courier service including online tracking, secure on-line payment with PayPal, automatic marine transit insurance and door to door delivery at a fraction of the cost. The only difference (apart for the cost!) is the transit time. Shipporter delivers to any Australian postcode in 5 to 6 weeks from receipt of your order at our export warehouse in California. With US Unlocked & Shipporter you can now buy almost anything, any size, any weight from any US website.

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