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Shop at the Best One-Stop Shops in the U.S.


A One-Stop Shop is your one destination for all things desirable.  It’s the one site you go to where you can add the new Xbox One S and your favorite pair of Levi 501 jeans in the same cart. You can add a box of granola bars and Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit, again, in the same cart and checkout. Now, when you think “one-stop shop,” you automatically consider Amazon. However, there are other eCommerce sites that offer similar products at competitive prices. On the list of Best One-Stop Shops, you will find Costco, Target, and Walmart.


You will make Costco your choice destination if you enjoy buying products in bulk. You will typically go to Costco to find the essentials, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, but you end up adding a Lenovo Flex 4 to your cart. Why is that? Because Costco has the brands you want, at the prices you can afford.


Out of the three One-Stop Shops, Target is where you’d want to go to buy a bit higher quality goods. The advantage Target has over the others is that although you get better quality, the prices are still cheap. You want to buy yourself a new pillow because yours is old and flat? You go to Target. At the same time, pick yourself up a new baby bottle for your 4-month old baby girl. Add some new boots to get you ready for the Fall season while you’re at it.


Shopping at Walmart just might make you feel like you’re shopping at Amazon. Walmart has a $49 annual membership fee for their ShippingPass. You get free two-day shipping without a minimum purchase requirement. Walmart also has Rollbacks, which is their way of dropping the price on a product. Want to watch the latest Blu-ray movie? You can when you use Walmart’s Instawatch. You buy a Blu-ray movie and with help from VUDU, you will be able to watch the movie on any of your devices.

How to Shop Online at Costco, Target, or Walmart

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