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Accessorize Your Device (eReader)

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A year ago, eReaders were something you’d read about in Wired or Newsweek. Recently, I was traveling to San Francisco

and was amazed to see how many people were reading from their Kindles, Nooks and what not. Owning an eReader has become completely normal and mainstream.

Judging from the amount of eReaders we ship daily through US Unlocked to locations all over the world, I should not have been surprised.

Tons of eReaders go through our warehouse all the time so it is easy to figure out what the top 3 is for overseas users:

1)Nook. By Barnes & Nobles
2)Daily Edition. By Sony
3)Entourage Edge. By Entourage

Were we first just shipping the devices themselves, now customers are accessorizing massively. Looking for a cover for your reader? The choices are ample.

Most brands are smart enough to have a their own line of covers and accessories. B&N even has names like Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler design covers for them and is launching the Lyra Book Light Case. The Lyra Book Light Case features LED illumination and pre-orders for $49.95.

Looking for a cover or accessory that is not necessarily of the brand of your eReader? Then Amazon is the place to be, the variety in style and pricing is endless.

M-Edge is a great brand that has covers and accessories mostly for the Kindle.

What else can you accessorize your eReader with? How about a booklight? The anti-glare technology of the devices make them hard to read from for example in bed. A handy light with adjustable arm helps overcome this problem. Still some glare or you just want to protect the screen? Get screen protector film, around $12-15 per set. Did we miss anything here? Rechargeable batteries, usb cable kit and adapters are the essentials for a long lasting reading experience at home or on the go.

And by the way: a new eReader is due to be launched in the US: the Kobo, pre-orders from Borders for $149.95.

All in all eReaders and their accessories also make great gifts. Just keep that in mind with graduations and Father’s Day coming up!

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