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Accessorize Your Device (iPad)

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iPad Accessories

The iPad probably will go into the books as the most wanted gadget of this decade. Over 500,000 were said to have been sold in the US in the first week alone. Now, customers in 9 other countries are getting ready to own the desirable device when it launches on May 28th.

It has not been published how many iPad accessories have been shipped so far, but judging from the amounts we are shipping out every day to all parts of the world, Apple is cashing in big time!

The most popular iPad accessories by Apple are (in order of popularity):

  1. Dock, for syncing and charging
  2. Dock connector to VGA adapter, for watching movies and slideshows on a big screen (TV, projector etc)
  3. iPad case, doubles as a stand
  4. Keyboard

People are now accessorizing their iPad beyond the above essentials. Luckily, non-Apple accessories for the iPad are popping up like crazy. Like with the eReaders, the covers for iPad are very popular.

Incipio has a great line of trendy cases, mostly silicon between $15 and $25. Looking more for iPad sleeves? The ‘Hard Candy Bubble sleeve has rapidly become a favorite and sells at $49.95.

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve

On the go a lot and want to make sure your iPad and accessories are packed neatly, but in an ‘airport security’ friendly way too? Then the Incase Travel Kit Plus is your way to go for $59.95.

One thing is sure, the iPad is here to stay! Hopefully, Apple will lift the insanely strict order restrictions on the iPad in the US after the launch in UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Until then your best bet is still Amazon or Ebay.

These accessories sure make a great gift for the iPad loving graduate or dad (Father’s Day!).

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