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Amazon Echo 2nd-gen: Smaller Body, Bigger Sound, for Much Less

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If it’s a smart speaker you want, Amazon has you covered! Amazon released yet another wave of smart speakers to its Echo line. With Amazon’s new speakers, you can many choices, with many price points. The 2nd-gen Amazon Echo is almost half the size and on sale for almost half the price of the original for just $99. If you like the original, the Echo Plus has a new color for $150, a $30 decrease. Check out what has changed.

Amazon Echo 2nd-Gen

The first noticeable feature of the 2nd-gen Amazon Echo is the size and color variations. The fabric options are $99 with your choice of charcoal, heather grey or sandstone. However, the different finishes cost a bit extra at $119 for a wood, silver, or walnut finish. Aside from aesthetics, the insides have been improved too. The far-field voice recognition is improved. To add on, the 2nd-gen Echo has a 2.5-inch downward-firing woofer and 0.6-inch tweeter powered by Dolby inside. Not to mention, multi-room music which allows you to play music across all Echo speakers in your home. When you buy three, you can save $50 with code ECHO3PACK.

Amazon Echo Plus

Fairly like the original Echo, the Echo Plus has a built-in smart hub. A smart hub is a piece of hardware like a SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub that connects to other smart devices. The Echo Plus cuts out the third-party hubs and lets you control the smart devices with the Echo Plus itself. Other smart devices in your home will automatically connect to the Echo Plus without additional steps. Furthermore, the Echo Plus has improved speakers like the 2nd-gen Echo. You also have an additional color option, silver. For a limited time, Amazon is including a Philips Hue Bulb at no additional cost with a purchase of the Echo Plus.

Buying the New Echo Smart Speakers Online in the U.S. with the US Unlocked Card

Unfortunately, the new Echo lineup is not available globally. However, you can still equip your home with the latest Amazon Echo speakers when you shop online in the U.S. with the US Unlocked Card. The US Unlocked Card is a U.S. issued pre-paid debit card, issued with a U.S. billing address. Moreover, you can use the US Unlocked Card to sign up for a U.S. Amazon Prime account. Thus, permitting you access to all U.S. prime deals. Signing up for the US Unlocked Card is easy and you can do it today!

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