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Amazon Fire TV

firetv stick Amazon launched its own media streaming option called the Amazon Fire TV on April 2nd, 2014 and quickly went to the top bestseller on Amazon taking the spot of the Chromecast.

Amazon has claimed the Fire TV is the easiest way to find content and is introducing voice activated search and have partnered with Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Pandora and a whole slew of other services. Since 2014, the Fire TV stick uses dual band Wi-Fi and introduces ASAP, which stands for Advanced Streaming and Prediction Controls.

About the ASAP technology Engadget says:
When Peter Larsen showed off how quickly the company’s ASAP technology allowed the Fire TV to start playing a video on stage, we were impressed but skeptical. After spending some time with the Fire TV, we feel obligated to apologize for our skepticism. Basically ASAP preloads certain videos based on where you are in the UI. When you click through to the page for a movie, it automatically starts downloading it in the background. If you hover over a selection for a period of time while browsing, it’ll do the same. And if you’ve been watching Alpha House, it will automatically cache a portion of the next episode.

The New York Times is a bit more skeptical, saying that:
In reality, the Fire TV is a small, flat, matte black Trojan horse intended to sell you even more Amazon goods than you already buy.

If you are already an Amazon Prime subscriber you will find the Fire TV is the best way to stream your Amazon content, says Geekwire.

Originally priced at $99, the FireTV stick ranges between $29 and $49 and is available for purchase with your US prepaid card from US Unlocked.

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