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Apple considering bigger iPhones

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Now that Apple is losing market share to Samsung with the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, it is rumored that it will come out with a larger iPhone. The iPhone 5 is currently the largest at 4 inches measured diagonally. Sources say Apple will present a phone which screen will be larger than 4.5 inches, a second version will measure 5 inches.
The larger screens are popular for watching videos and playing games. Another reason for this development is that in China phones as are being offered with larger screens and at a lower price point. China is important for Apple growth seeing that it started selling iPhone this month through China’ s largest  carrier, China Mobile Ltd.
The larger iPhone will look like the iPhone 5 with its metal casing so apparently Apple is doing away with the colorful plastic casing due to disappointing results.
Stay posted for more news on this topic. Would you prefer a larger iPhone?

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