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Apple Watch: How to buy it online in the U.S.

USU Apple Watch Series 1

Today the release date for Apple Watch has finally been announced. The highly anticipated wearable that does everything from time keeping, communications, to health and fitness and so more, will be available for pre-order April 10 and will start shipping on April 24.
The watch will initially only be released in the United States and 8 other countries.

As a US Unlocked Card user you are able to purchase the Apple Watch from the US Apple store by following below instructions.

The following steps were proven successful with previous product launches by Apple:

1) Get a US shipping address where the Apple Watch can be shipped. Please note: The first, and most important thing to keep in mind is that Apple requires customers to have the same shipping address as their billing address.

With your US Unlocked Card it is possible to use the same address for shipping and billing if you use one of our shipping partners’ services. We currently support addresses from our partners: MyUS, Shop and Ship*, OPAS, Shipito, Reship and LiteMF. If you do not yet have an account with any of these companies, please check here for special promotions.

(Please do not use our address in Ridgewood for shipping as your shipment will become undeliverable.)

*For an SnS billing address please validate your account with them here.

2) If you haven’t already: sign up with US Unlocked for the US Unlocked Card. Our pre-paid virtual debit card is issued by a US bank. You will need to load your card with enough funds to cover the purchasing cost and add an extra $25 as buffer. The buffer is need because lately Apple send the authorization request for more money than the actual order amount and the card will decline if you do not have sufficient balance.

3) Set up a US iTunes account and link your US Unlocked Card to it while connected over VPN with a US IP address.

4) Purchase your Apple Watch (don’t forget the accessories) and use the iTunes account you set up for payment.

5) The package forwarder chosen in step 2 will ship the order to your country.

On occasion, you may receive an error email that states that Apple doesn’t ship to freight forwarding services, but this is no reason to panic. In these cases, it often means that their stock has run into short supply, and this is an automated message which may disappear in a few days time. Should you receive this error message, we suggest waiting a couple of days and trying your order again, which often works for many of our US Unlocked customers.

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