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Apple’s Very Own Rechargeable Battery Case: The Smart Battery Case

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Untitled (2)If you use your phone pretty heavily throughout the day, you know what it’s like to run out of battery and not have a charger available. You know what it is like to have to look for third-party rechargeable batteries because Apple didn’t have one for you. You also know what it is like to carry around a bulky rechargeable case that’s difficult to put on or take off. It is time to thank Apple.  

Why thank Apple?

Apple released their very own rechargeable battery case in early December. The case will cost $99, it is a bit much, however much needed for many. Not only is the case soft to the touch, it is also very easy to use. The case comes with a hump in the back which makes applying or removing the case easier. This design aspect does away with the two piece design we are all use to. This product is named “Smart Battery Case” for a reason, while the case is on, the status of the battery is displayed in the lock screen and the notification center. You will always know how much battery the case has left.  Also, unlike Apple’s competitors, you can charge the case using your own iPhone charger.  For a more in depth review of the Smart Battery Case, check out Why Apple’s Smart Battery Case Gets the Job Done.

How can you buy the Smart Battery Case from outside the United States?

Buying Apple products from outside the United States from the apple store is difficult. US Unlocked makes buying apple products from outside the United States simpler. By following the same steps provided in a previous post, Apple Watch: How to buy it when you live outside the US you will be able to shop the online US Apple Store. If you have yet to register for your US Unlocked card, you can by clicking HERE.

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