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Apps for Android! – Download from the Amazon Appstore for Android from outside the US – Free Apps

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Amazon has been busy lately launching the Cloud Player platform as well as the Amazon Appstore for Android, already a huge success, where you can find all the Apps for Android you could possibly want.

Bestsellers instantly available for your Android device are famous game Angry Birds, Android device locater SeekDroid and SwiftKey (app that predicts the next word you’ll type).

Getting started with the Amazon Appstore for Android is easy with the detailed instructions on the site. Once you are set up, check back every day for the free paid app of the day. Today’s free app is WolframAlpha, a knowledge engine that will answer any question you might have.

Now the Amazon Appstore does require a US billing address. To download from the Amazon Appstore from outside the US just use the US Unlocked Card and hotspot shield.

Which Android app will you be downloading first?

For instruction on how to set up Amazon Cloud Player, click here.

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