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Luany is an individual with a sense of humor. He enjoys to find humor in any and all serious situation. He tries to find you all the best products and services available for use using our US Unlocked card. Feel free to share any posts with friends and family. He will appreciate it!

Recent Posts By Luany

Pssttt…Guess What? A New iPhone is on the Coming, Pass it on

This year marks a change in Apple’s usual iPhone release. After the release of the iPhone 7 last year, if looking back on past release cycles, we would expect (only) the iPhone 7S series this year. HOWEVER, 2017 marks the tenth year anniversary of the iPhone, so it’s rumored Apple will give us a significant Read More »

Sales Galore! “End of Summer” and “Back to School” = Savings

Summer in the U.S. is ending, and school is approaching fast! This means shoppers can find summer clothes with STEEP discounts, electronics with lower price tags, and school supplies practically begging to be bought. Fashion Want to get ready for summer and autumn in your neck of the woods, check out the clearance section of Read More »

Let’s us Help you Plan a Holiday, and SAVE Big!

Saving on your vacations from now on will be easy and inexpensive. We have outlined some strategies to help save on flights and services that allow you to compare prices across airlines and travel times. With some online sleuthing, you can end up saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars per traveler.   Saving on Read More »

MASSIVE Summer Savings on Oculus Rift!!

The Oculus “Summer of Rift” event is giving the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch Controller Bundle a $200 price cut for the remainder of the summer. This is almost a 50% savings from when Oculus was first launched last year. If you buy now, you can purchase the bundle for only $399! This is your time Read More »

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