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Bumpin’ Pool Party? We’ve Got the Goods!

Charge3 Speakerphone

Jamming out to your favorite songs on the best music streaming services with your friends and family this spring is a lot more fun when you have the right playlists and speakers. You can instantly start a party no matter where you are poolside, beach, or grass field. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the best portable speaker, your party will die quickly. Nevertheless, you still have time to buy yourself the best portable Bluetooth speaker.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Essentially you want a speaker that can handle any condition you throw at it. You don’t want sand or water to stop your party. Also, you want a speaker that has the most features for the best price. Specifically, speakers offered by JBL and Ultimate Ears, have complimentary applications in the App Store and Google Play Store which allows you more control over the sound. They also allow you to connect more than one speaker for an even louder listening experience. All of the following Bluetooth speakers will great choices for any party you plan on starting this spring:

  • JBL
    • JBL Flip 3 – $79.95
    • JBL Flip 4- $99.95
    • JBL Charge 3- $149.95 $119.95
    • JBL Pulse 2- $199.95
  • Ultimate Ears
    • UE Boom 2- $199
    • UE Roll 2- $99.99
  • Honorable Mentions

How Using the US Unlocked Card Can Help You

As mentioned earlier, you want a speaker that has the most features for the best price. Nine times out of ten the best price is only available in the U.S. However, to access the U.S. sales, a US-issued payment method with U.S. billing address is needed. Our US Unlocked Card is that payment method. The US Unlocked Card is a US-issued prepaid debit card with a U.S. billing address. Thus, allowing you to access the U.S. price of the speaker of your choice. However, it’s important to understand that you will also need to use a VPN provider to connect to a U.S. IP address.

If you’re ready to bring the party anywhere you go, sign up for the US Unlocked Card today!

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