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Binge Worthy TV Shows on Amazon Video, Hulu and Netflix

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People are always interested in looking up exciting, the edge of your seat binge-worthy TV shows. We’ve taken the liberty in recommending a few shows across your favorite online TV streaming services, Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix.
What is bing watching?

Amazon Video

If you would like to binge using a service with the most bang for your buck, we recommend using Amazon Video. You can subscribe to Amazon Prime for $10.99 a month, which gives you access to Amazon Video, Amazon Music, and more! Take a look here to find out more about Amazon Prime Benefits.

Recommend TV Shows on Amazon Video:
  • The Man in the High Castle: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Mad Dogs: Comedy, Crime, Drama
  • Mozart in the Jungle: Comedy, Drama, Music
  • Goliath: Drama
  • Entourage: Comedy, Drama


Ideal for users who would like the most up to date content. If your favorite TV shows are on ABC, NBC, or Fox, you will get to watch the shows the very next day. You can learn How to set up a Hulu Plus account.

Recommend TV Shows on Hulu:

  • Vikings: Action, Drama, History
  • Homeland: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Leverage: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Comedy
  • The Mindy Project: Comedy


The oldest online TV streaming service in the game! Netflix has the largest library of movies and TV shows. Also, Netflix has the most extensive library of original content. You will always have something to watch on Netflix, of course, if you’re willing to venture into different genres. Learn How to Access Netflix U.S.

Recommended TV Shows on Netflix:

  • House of Cards: Drama
  • Dexter: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Bloodline: Drama, Thriller
  • Black Mirror: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Bob’s Burgers: Animation, Comedy

How to Binge Shows in the US

Many of our cardholders already use their US Unlocked Card to subscribe to TV streaming services like Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix from their U.S. accounts. The US Unlocked Card is perfect for them because it’s a payment method with a U.S. billing address.

Learn How to set up your US Unlocked Account!

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