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Buying for Men – Menswear Online

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By Patricia Davidson

There are a huge number of stores for menswear online, some boutiques offering designer fashion, others specific menswear stores and still others all the menswear brands offering menswear from casual collections to suits, blazers and formalwear. So the choice is enormous.

I think it’s true to say that where there are fewer men who buy for women, particularly online, except in certain categories such as intimates and jewelry (and please let me know if you think I’m wrong), but there are a lot of women who buy for their men, both online and off, from shirts and ties to casualwear and accessories plus inevitably the dreaded socks. I say ‘dreaded’ as socks are surely the most prosaic of purchases, however necessary, and even then you need to get it right (red? diamond pattern? striped? printed? plain?)

Just as women do, men have a particular style, and I’m not talking about the older man wearing skinny jeans (which he shouldn’t) nor a wide pinstriped double breasted suit on a .how shall I put it? larger man (ditto), but the quirky, preppie, classic, modern, humour-laden, lace-up or loafer-with-tassels (!) style that defines everything that he wears, or would choose to wear, from shirts to ties to socks and even suits.

So the next time you’re considering buying something for the man in your life think carefully and make sure you get it right. It is both an art and a science and to be really good at it you need to know your man very well and put some thought into his style. It’s not what you like, it’s about who he is. You may think he would look nice in that classic turn-back cuff blue striped shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren and he may be too polite to tell you that that is absolutely not his look and he’d rather have something by Boss Black. Get his style right, and the choosing right, and you’ll both be happy.

Here are some of the best places in the USA for menswear online with every picture leading you to a different online store;

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