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Coming soon: Amazon Prime Day. More Sales than Black Friday!

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This year’s Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching. Prime Day will be on July, 12!

Prime Day is a shopping event with more and better deals than Black Friday exclusively for Prime members. Did you know that all US Unlocked Card holders are eligible for an Amazon Prime membership?

Find out how to become an Amazon Prime member

Last year’s Amazon Prime Day Quick Facts:

  • More sales than Black Friday.
  • More than 34 million products were ordered by Prime members.
  • 398 orders were placed per second.
  • 47,000 TVs were shipped.
  • 51,000 Bose headphones were shipped.

We recommend our card holders to load up their cards now so that you will have sufficient balance when the Prime Day date is accounted. We would hate you to miss out on any great promotion!

If you are new to US Unlocked, Amazon Prime Day is the perfect opportunity for you to become a US Unlocked Card holder and really take advantage of shopping in the U.S. Now is the time to get your US Unlocked Card so you can set up your Prime membership ASAP!

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