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Computer Glasses for the Tech Savvy

Staring at the computer for hours on end can take a toll on your eyes. That’s why it’s important to choose the right computer glasses that help limit damage to your sight.

Available with your US bank credit card, you can
order these:

1. Gunnar Optiks G0005-C001 SheaDog Ergonomic Advanced Computer Glasses for advanced protection. While some might tell you to take breaks from your screen, these ergonomically advanced glasses will allow you to work smarter and safer. Gunnar Optiks increase contrast, comfort and focus, while minimizing eye fatigue often experienced when working with computers.

2. Gamma Ray are more budget-friendly while still providing relief from the screen.

3. Prospek are a good option for those who need readers as well. They provide magnification up to 3.0x

4. Spectra offers a nighttime amber tinted glass to help relax the eyes at night. These wraparound fit provides excellent coverage to help you sleep better from disruptive light at night.

Designed with the Eye in Mind
Eye strain, visual stress, and dry eyes can all be experienced when viewing computer screens and office light for extended periods
of time. These glasses are built to filter out the harsh, high-energy part of the spectrum that can cause pain and irritation. They are also built with an amber lens tint and anti-glare coating that are specifically engineered to reduce digital eyestrain and enhance your viewing details.  They will not interfere with your headset and they come with a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects

U.S. Credit Cards For Tech Savvy Internet Shoppers
We can help provide you with a US credit card and US billing address so that you can stay up to date with the latest computer technologies, like these advanced Gunnar Optiks computer glasses. Gain access to almost anything you want to purchase from the United States with your own U.S. Credit Card right now. Start improving your vision and stay focused on the day at hand. Do you have a pair of Gunnar Optiks G0005-C001 SheaDog Ergonomic Advanced Computer Glasses?  Tell us what you think of them!

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