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Custom Converse sneakers ship worldwide

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Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars will never get out of fashion! Aside from the many available colors and designs it is extra fun to design your own unique sneakers.

Converse only ships within the USA and only accepts US billing addresses. Through US Unlocked it is easy shop on Converse:

  • Get the US Unlocked Card and shop on Converse with your own US billing address, or
  • Use the US Unlocked Personal Shopping service and we will place the order for your sneakers on your behalf

US Unlocked ships your Converse sneakers to over 240 countries worldwide.


The US Unlocked Card is accepted on most websites where MasterCard is accepted. For the best results, please follow guidelines as described in Making Payments with the US Unlocked Card.

Some merchants that you make a purchase with may have certain anti-fraud policies in place and can accept or deny transaction at their own discretion or request additional information regarding the cardholder. In many cases, contacting the merchant of that particular website can resolve the issue at hand.

In the past users were able to to get their orders through by contacting Converse. As long as the shipping and billing address are the same, they will allow it. To make sure this is still the case, please contact them.

We recommend signing up with MyUS or OPAS, after please provide the new shipping address so we can change the billing address of your card. Besides our own billing address and OPAS’ and MyUS’ we are not authorized to use any other address.

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