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Unique Gifts for Anyone You Know

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Do you want to be the person that gives a boring gift? We don’t think so. We know you want to give the best, most memorable gift possible. Therefore, we’ve made your task easy and found a few unique gifts that are different from mainstream gifts.

Gifts They Will Love

QleekUnique Gift 1- Qleek

Qleek is a connected mixtape designed to share important moments of your life with songs & photos.




Unique Gift 2- Aurora Smart Lighting Panel

Aurora Smart Lighting Panel

Customize the lighting in any room or office with this smart lighting panel.




Unique Gift 3- Apollo Moon LightApollo Box Moon Light

A 3D printed moon light with eco-friendly materials.







Unique Gift 4- Bioluminescent Dino PetBioluminescent Dino Pet

The Dino Pet uses naturally occurring bio-luminescence to glow brilliantly when you play with it at night.


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