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Guide to Successful Online Holiday Shopping in the US

In the busiest shopping season of the year, merchants are usually extra lenient in their efforts to avoid credit card fraud and will quickly decline or cancel an order.

At US Unlocked we want to make sure the orders you place  are successful. Below we listed 4 crucial elements.

1) Sufficient balance
When loading your card make sure there is a buffer of around 10%. This buffer will be beneficial when a merchant places a pre-authorization hold of more than the actual purchasing amount. When calculating the load amount, also include domestic shipping cost, sales tax and the POS fee.

2) Same address for billing and shipping
It is highly recommended to use the same address you use for shipping for your card. We support addresses from these partners: MyUS, OPAS, Shop and Ship (Aramex), Shipito, Reship, Shipville and LiteMF. If you do not yet have an address with any of these companies check the Shipping page for special promotions. Contact [email protected] with your new address. (For an SNS billing address please go straight to and follow the steps.)

3) Use VPN for US IP location
Most US merchants will automatically block your order when a non-US IP address is detected. You can solve this problem by connecting over VPN with a US IP address. Sign up with HideMyAss! for reliable VPN services. To check whether your VPN is working you can go to The displayed IP location will need to be somewhere in the USA.

4) Merchant policies
Before you place your order it is recommended to check whether this store accepts orders with freight forwarding addresses. Known stores that do NOT accept freight forwarding addresses are: Nike, Motorola, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Coach, Uniqlo, Adidas, Fossil, Oakley, Harley Davidson. If you are interested in these brands you may be able to find the same product at a department store or at Amazonir?t=usun 20&l=ur2&o=1.

NOTE: Even if you use the same address for billing and shipping and are connected over VPN it is important to know that merchants that you make a purchase with may have certain anti-fraud policies in place and can accept or deny transaction at their own discretion or request additional information regarding the cardholder. In many cases, contacting the merchant of that particular website can resolve the issue at hand.

For information on the most common issues with the US Unlocked Card:

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