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Making Payments with the US Unlocked Card

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online shopping with us credit cardYour card has been issued. Time for the fun part of shopping!

There are a few things to keep in mind. Please, make sure:

A. That you are connected over VPN.
If you do not know what VPN is, please click here. We recommend HideMyAss!.

B. That you fill out the billing details exactly as they appear.
Any change or mistake in the billing details will cause the card to be declined.

C. That you have sufficient balance.
The bank charges $0.50 for every successful transaction and $0.75 for every unsuccessful transaction. If your balance is $25 and your purchase is $24.99 your payment will be declined because of insufficient balance.
Your balance should also be enough to cover the sales tax and the domestic shipping cost associated with your purchase.

D. That you have checked the merchant policies.

Some merchants have specific policies regarding acceptance of prepaid debit cards and freight forwarding addresses.
Known merchants who do not ship to freight forwarding addresses are Tommy Hilfiger, Coach Factory, Gucci, Burberry, Abercrombie, Hollister, Oakley, Uniqlo and Gamestop. Please check with the merchant to verify whether they ship to freight forwarding addresses before you place your order.

NOTE 1: Keep in mind that we do not provide shipping services. So, you will use the US Unlocked billing address and your US shipping address when you place your order. If you need a reliable freight forwarding service, please choose any of our partners.

NOTE 2: (Related to note 1) Many US merchants require that you use the same address for billing and shipping. We offer this possibility, please read:
Use the same US address for billing and shipping for a better online shopping experience

NOTE 3: You will not be able to use the card for a monthly subscription, such as Netflix* and Spotify*. This card does not allow recurring payments.

You will also not be able to link your card to Paypal or try to make a payment with the card on Paypal. The card will not be accepted.

The bank charges a $0.75 POS decline fee for every unsuccessful transaction.

Some websites require a specific work around. The most common ones are for iTunes and Barnes and Nobles. You can check our blog under Tutorials to see if something has been written about the website you are planning to shop from.

*For a work around for Netflix, click here. For Spotify, Hulu Plus and Playstation Network, use your US Unlocked Card to purchase gift cards first, then redeem the gift codes.

Having trouble getting your payment through? Have a look at our trouble shooting page.

Need some help? Ask Ruby!