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Healthy Skin – the Benefits of Proactiv – Also for Men – Available Only in the US

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Many males face the same challenges that females do when it comes to skin care, but you wouldn’t
know it by walking through a drug store. Skin care products are shelved in the ‘Beauty’ section somewhere between glittery body washes and shimmery eye shadow. The
male customer then gets to choose from one of many products featuring fresh
faced girls picking flowers. He’s sure to leave smelling vaguely floral with a
product that may or may not improve his skin. Where have all the
straight-talking skin care products gone?

If you have skin problems – and who doesn’t at some point? – we’re guessing that you want a solution minus the bells and whistles. Proactive is a three-step acne fighting skin hero that belongs on the radar for both the female and male consumers. As the name implies, this treatment takes a ‘Proactiv’ approach to healthy skin to help you stop the acne cycle before breakouts can occur. Proactiv contains prescription-grade acne medicine and agents to unclog pores, kill bacteria and improve the overall condition of your skin. The 3-part treatment includes a
cleanser, toner and repairing treatment, everything you need to maintain a
daily skin care routine.

Proactiv stands out for its clean, simple packing. It doesn’t have to compete on the drug store shelf because a parade of celebrity customers line up to endorse it, but they do all the same because it works. Justin Bieber has a great commercial out now. If you haven’t seen it yet,just look up the next time a teenage girl swoons. Bieber says that many aresurprised when they find out he uses Proactiv. His response: “It’s about
preventing acne.” Both Bieber and P. Diddy, another spokesperson for the
product, have said they hope to help others deal with their breakouts by
sharing which product works for them.

An article on cites diet, genetics, hormones, stress, drugs and the sun as common factors that cause breakouts. Whether you purchase an acne medication online or in the drug store, always look for chemicals that treat skin
problems. These include zinc, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. The article recommends avoiding products with fancy ingredients because “acne
isn’t a magical experience so fixing it shouldn’t require pixie dust”. We

Acne cannot be cured,but it can be treated. Proactive offers the best of both worlds in that it heals the acne you already have, and it prevents future breakouts. It’s one of the best products on the market, and the company offers a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results. US Unlocked customers can ditch the frustrating trips to the drugstore and purchase Proactiv through Amazon today.

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