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How to order a Google Nexus One phone from outside the US

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Since last week, when Google launched its phone Nexus One it became the hottest new gadget instantly. Luckily for the international gadget lover, Google also released an unlocked version. There are however a few tricks to become the owner of this phone when you are ordering it from outside the US. Follow the easy steps below and you are guaranteed to play with the Nexus One features in no time.

1) If you haven’t already, open a free account with US Unlocked as well as a Google Checkout account.

2) Register your Nexus One order on the Ship It page of US Unlocked to get your free US shipping address that you will use to order the phone.

3) Access the Nexus One webstore through a VPN connection that shields your IP location. (example: Hotspotshield).

4) Check the first option: “insert your own SIM card” for $529.

5) Pay for the phone through Google Checkout.

6) US Unlocked will contact you when the Nexus one has been delivered at the warehouse. Once the international shipping cost are settled you will receive your phone within 3 to 5 business days. (The weight of the package is 3 lbs)

Easy does it!

Of course you can also opt to have US Unlocked order the phone for you through the Personal Shopping service or find one on Ebay.

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