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How to order a Nook and download books from Barnes and Noble from outside the US

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The Nook has been the most shipped item by far this past December through US Unlocked. Many first adopters craving to try out the Nook have found their way to us and are now reading their books on it.

Now that the first reviews have been on the web and they have been very positive, people that were reluctant at first are now also getting keen on owning a Nook eReader.  B&N only sells the devices inside the US, but if you follow the few easy steps below, you will be able to place your order seamlessly:

1) If you haven’t already: sign up with US Unlocked for the US Unlocked Card. This pre-paid virtual debit card comes with your own US billing address.

2) Get a US shipping address where the Nook can be shipped to.

3) Go to the B&N website while connected over VPN.

4) Set up a Barnes & Noble account with your US Unlocked Card address as your billing address.

5) Now purchase your Nook (don’t forget the accessories), using the US shipping address of your choice.

6) The package forwarder of your choice will ship the order to your country.

Downloading eBooks:

1) Unbox your Nook and register the device to the B&N account you had set up with the US Unlocked Card billing address while connected over VPN when you ordered the ereader.

2) On your Nook, go to shop for books.

3) The book of your choice will download straight onto your Nook and you can start reading within a after of minutes

This has been tested and it works!

If you need more information, please contact [email protected]


NOTE: You might not be able to sign up for magazine subscriptions as the current MasterCard is not set up for recurring payment. Neither, might you be able to download any free books.

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