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How to Signup for XBOX Live Internationally

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With the new XBOX days from release, creating an XBOX Live account should be on everyone’s to-do list, and creating one using your US Unlocked Merchant Specific card is so simple! With an XBOX Live membership, you’ll gain access to online playing on thousands of games, as well as many exclusives!

XBOX is a partnership with Microsoft so creating a Microsoft account is one of the key steps. All you’ll need to do is follow this link and it will lead you to the signup process which will just require your email address and other key information such as your name. From that point, you can go to the XBOX Live payment website, and enter the details required for payment given by US Unlocked after you choose which membership option you would like.

Membership Options

XBOX Live offers different levels of membership options based on what you are comfortable purchasing at the time.

  • You can choose $9.99/per month which is an auto subscription that charges your card every month.
  • You can also choose to pay $24.99/quarterly which is also an auto subscription that charges your card every three months.

It is very important to know to use your merchant specific card when shopping for subscriptions, such as XBOX Live, because they auto-draft every month and you will need a card that has that ability. For more information about merchant-specific see our blog “How to Use a Merchant-Specific Card and Manage Subscriptions”.

So go ahead and sign up for XBOX Live using your US Unlocked card and be over-prepared for the new system!

Step by Step of Signing up for XBOX Live with US Unlocked

You can use your US Unlocked Card to create an Xbox Live account!

To Sign Up here are the steps:

  1. Be a US Unlocked Cardholder! Sign Up
  2. Make your first card load payment
  3. Once your load clears your account is set up.
  4. Set up your Merchant-Specific Card settings.
  5. Connect over VPN from a U.S. IP address
  6. Enter US Unlocked Card details and make a payment on the XBOX Live website.
  7. Make sure the billing and shipping address are correct.
  8. Start gaming!

It is always recommended to check whether your VPN is working. You can go to The IP location displaying should be somewhere in the USA.

Create your US Unlocked account today to start your Xbox Live membership today!

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