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iPad fever: pre-orders galore!

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After much anticipation, the pre-order of the coveted Apple iPad finally started at a little after 8.30 AM EST this Friday. Many websites have tried to guess how many iPads have been pre-ordered so far. It seems that at least 90,000 went in the first 6 hours!

These are the facts:

  • Two iPads can be ordered per individual
  • The items will be delivered on April 3rd
  • Pre-order only through the Apple Store

The pre-order has not been closed and there is no information whether it will close at all or continue until the iPads will be available from April 3rd.

Customers from all over the world have seamlessly placed their pre-order already through US Unlocked after our blog post on how to pre-order the iPad from outside the US had been copied and cited all over the web. In short this is what you need:

  • US Unlocked Card with enough balance on it
  • US Unlocked shipping address
  • VPN connection through Hotspot Shield

The US Unlocked Card can be applied for here by paying $10. It is a pre-paid virtual Discover debit card with your own registered US billing address. The card is assigned right away. Once ID and address of the card holder is verified it can be loaded with the desired amount it. The payments for card loads are done through Paypal and take 3-5 business days to clear. The card can then be used to make online payments on websites that only accept US credit cards.

US Unlocked will receive your iPad on your behalf and send it to you in your home country after payment of the shipping cost. Make sure you register your shipment on to receive your US Unlocked shipping address that you will use when placing the order.

The use of a VPN connection when accessing the site where you will be purchasing the iPad, provides you with a US IP address: the finishing touch to a seamless transaction. Download the software for free: Windows Mac.

For more information and news on the iPad stay posted or contact info at usunlocked dot com.

The estimated (dimensional) weight is 4 lbs for one iPad.

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