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Pssttt…Guess What? A New iPhone is on the Coming, Pass it on

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This year marks a change in Apple’s usual iPhone release. After the release of the iPhone 7 last year, if looking back on past release cycles, we would expect (only) the iPhone 7S series this year. HOWEVER, 2017 marks the tenth year anniversary of the iPhone, so it’s rumored Apple will give us a significant upgrade and we are expecting some BIG changes. So far, here is what we know for next iPhone 8 that is supposed to be announced mid-September.

Top iPhone 8 Rumors

  • More Screen– The iPhone 8 is rumored to feature a 5.8-inch AMOLED edge-to-edge screen. Take a look at the photo above; the middle phone is what the iPhone 8 should look like. In a smaller body than the iPhone Plus model, Apple will give us more screen with even better resolution.
  • No Home Button– With a bezel-free iPhone, comes the removal of the home button. What does this mean for Touch ID? Well the following predictions provided by TechRadar:
    • The Touch ID sensor will be embedded into the screen
    • It will be located on the back, like the Samsung Galaxy S8
    • It will be on the side sleep/wake button, like some Sony phones
    • There’s no fingerprint sensor at all, relying on 3D face unlock
  • Face Detection– Apple may be adding a 3D face-scanning sensor to the iPhone 8. It is possible that face detection will work in conjunction with Touch ID or it will completely replace Touch ID.
  • Better Battery Life, Faster Charging, & Wireless Charging– A larger battery will be introduced to the iPhone 8, which means more life. USB-C? Yes, Apple may finally switch to USB-C with the iPhone 8, which also provides faster charging. Wireless charging? Why not?
  • Dual-Camera– Vertically aligned dual-camera lens is a change from the horizontal cameras we have seen on the iPhone 7 Plus. The camera may also have augmented reality (AR) features.
  • Glass Body– Bye-bye aluminum body, welcome back glass body! The glass body is beneficial for wireless charging. Electricity passes through glass better than it passes through metal, which explains why the change back to glass makes sense.

Prepare to Buy your iPhone 8 for Cheaper

The iPhone 8 certainly won’t come at the same price points as the iPhone 7S or 7S Plus. Sources expect the phone to cost over $1,000!! So, how can you buy it for less? Well, buying the iPhone 8 from the U.S. is what people have done for years, simply because the price in USD is less when converted back to local currency. Therefore, our US Unlocked Card will be your key to buying the iPhone 8. Additionally, the US Unlocked Card can be used to create a U.S. Apple account.

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