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Is it a tablet or a smart phone?

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Dell StreakHow about both?! While HP and Microsoft recently cancelled their much rumored tablet (resp. Slate and Courier), Dell is about to release its Streak in the US and is said to cost $500. The Streak’s display is much smaller than the iPad’s, but has an integrated camera, voice calling and.. (cover your ears, Steve Jobs) full support for Adobe Flash.

And then there is the integrated GPS with Google Maps turn-by- turn support and easy integration with all social media apps. The Streak runs on an Android platform with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and available 3G connectivity.

Sign up for the Streak pre-order started today. There is no news yet whether there will be any order restrictions like still with the iPad. Dell only ships to US addresses and accepts credit cards with US billing address only. Through the US Unlocked Card or our Personal Shopping service you might be the owner of this device this summer. Tablet, smart phone, GPS…. just the Streak!

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