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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No – it’s a Super Hero Keyboard Skin for your Apple or MacBook!

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As soon as your fingertips touch this super hero keyboard skin your spider-sense will be tingling.
You’ll warp into a world where words like, “shazam!”, “zap!”, and â€œkaboom!” are the norm.  But don’t worry, you don’t have to wear tights to use this keyboard skin and you’ll still be super-cool.

Whether you’re gaming, doing homework, sending e-mails, or fighting crime, the skin doesn’t block out backlit keys, so continuing work as normal is a cinch. Take the “wo” out of work with this super hero keyboard skin and you’ll be whipping out reports so fast people at the office will be asking, â€œWho was that masked man?”

By Odin’s Might, This Skin Will Blow You Away!

The universe is at your command with this soft and easy-to-apply keyboard skin.  It’s versatile, too, fitting both the 13” and 15” Apple wireless keyboard, MacBooks, and most MacBook Airs.

Highly creative and seriously cool comic-themed designs are printed on a premium vinyl decal. Finished with a heavy-duty layer and slight sheen, your super hero keyboard skin is sure to last.  As long as you’re not typing with Wolverine, you and your crime-fighting keyboard are sure to have a long life together.

It’s also easy-on and easy-off.  So if you have to take off your cool keyboard skin before hitting the board-room Monday morning, there’s no sticky residue left behind on your keyboard.

Achieve Super Hero Status with a US Unlocked Credit Card

Somewhere there’s a damsel in distress just waiting for someone with a super hero keyboard skin to save her.  Why let a little thing like not having a US billing address or US bank card prevent you from saving her?

With your US Unlocked credit card, this super hero keyboard skin can be yours!  US Unlocked gives you premium access to thousands of products that other websites restrict to only those within the US.  Apply today!  You and your new super hero keyboard skin can bond while shopping for bat-mobiles, spider webs, green lanterns, or whatever a super hero might need.  Do you have a super hero keyboard skin? Let us know your thoughts on it!

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