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Join Ping, use US Unlocked Card

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join ping, use US Unlocked CardApple iTunes launched a new social music network where you can find out what your friends are listening to and even follow your favorite artists. Wonderful, right? One small detail is that a US billing address is required to be able to join.

In comes the US Unlocked Card. It is our virtual pre-paid debit card with your own US billing address, perfect for purchases on websites that require an American credit card. Find out how the US Unlocked Card works and how to set up iTunes with a US billing address.

Once you have loaded your US Unlocked Card a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Now you can set up a Netflix account, Barnes & Nobles account, buy from BestBuy, Converse, Apple, Ann Taylor and a multitude of other merchants.

Special US Unlocked Card promotion: Load your card and receive a certificate for a $10 discount on your shipment! (valid through December 2010)

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