We think Shipito is Awesome

At US Unlocked, we work with a lot of repackaging partners and the facilities and staff at Shipito are some of the best we have ever worked with.


The Benefits of US Unlocked

The only reloadable card with a U.S. billing address that provides unlimited access to U.S. online shopping.

  • Easy to use virtual prepaid card issued by a U.S. bank
  • Accepted by nearly all U.S. web stores
  • Dozens of convenient load methods
  • Safe, secure and trusted by 100,000+ customers

24/7 Live Support

Shipito offers 24 hours 7 days a week live support.

Multiple Warehouses to Choose From

Addresses in California, Oregon (no sales tax), and Nevada (USA).

Risk Free Guarantee

Shipito will refund any unused portion of your deposit with no fees if you are not happy with their  service within 30 days of your account registration.