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Meeting Needs On All Sides

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The New Year has seen
an amazing focus on new technologies.
Some of the more impressive offerings are in the category of wearables,
especially ones that promote fitness and wellbeing.  Heart rate monitors, wristbands, and even
apps that track all the activity are all being offered through the Apple store.

We especially like the
Fitbit collaboration with Tory Burch

for instance. Why not get fit and be
fashionable at the same time? We also love the Withings Pulse

that keeps track
of movement, sleep etc and also connects to the Withings scale and the Withings
App. The collaboration of the physical products and app makes it easier to get
a handle on your routines and gets you motivated to improve if necessary.

If wearables are
supposed to make it more motivating to exercise and get fit, shouldn’t they
also be easier to have access to?  Just
as technologies and innovations are supporting physical changes, they are also
supporting virtual solutions. If you prefer the apps that are available through
the Apple Store, you will run into some limitations for payment and
shipping.  The most notable is the need
for a US billing and banking address, which of course is taken care of with
your US Unlocked card.

The Effortless US
Unlocked Card

One way around the
issues of Apple Store billing concerns can be to utilize a virtual pre-paid
card that meets the requirements of the checkout.  Our US Unlocked card is one example of this
type of account, since it supplies you with a US based debit card that you can
load with money as you desire.

To make it even
easier, did you know you can sign up for auto-billing when you make your next
card load payment through Paypal? Once subscribed you will always have a new
card load payment lined up before you run out of funds. The result is that you
stay in control of your funds and your purchase power, but also gain the access
that you want.

If you do not have our
card yet, you will find that signing up for the US Unlocked card is simple and
fast.  This can also be very much in
keeping with your resolutions for the new year, since taking action and seeing
a positive outcome is part of the motivation for getting in shape.  Take advantage of all the possibilities you
are offered, and get your body, and your shopping ability, in shape.

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