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Let Your Imagination Roam with Nintendo Labo!

Nintendo’s new add-on for the Nintendo Switch really lets your imagination roam.  Some call it a mix between the creativity of Legos and building nature of Ikea furniture. Nintendo names it Labo! The projects that can be constructed and then played with the Nintendo Switch are called toy-cons. The toy-cons are available in two different kits, a variety kit, and a robot kit. The variety kit that comes with five different projects- two toy-con RC cars, toy-con fishing rod, toy-con house, toy-con motorbike, and toy-con piano-  costs $69.99. The robot kit comes with pieces for you to build a backpack and visor that lets you control a huge on-screen robot costs $79.99.

Buying Nintendo Labo with the US Unlocked Card!

Nintendo Labo is available online on the Nintendo store. It can easily be purchased with the US Unlocked Card. The US Unlocked Card is a virtual prepaid debit card that is issued with a US billing address. All card details will be available to you on your personal account. Simply enter your US Unlocked Card details and ship it to the same address as the billing address. Then, BAM! You can start to enjoy your new Nintendo Labo.

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