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Nintendo Switch, a New Gaming Experience

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The last time Nintendo came out with a video game console was in 2012. Nintendo recently announced their next console, Nintendo Switch, and it is unlike something we have ever seen before. Unfortunately, we will not be able to play it until March 2017. However, we do know quite a bit about it.

Hybrid Console

Since the 1980’s Nintendo has released home and portable gaming consoles. The Nintendo Switch has joined the two, making it an exciting hybrid console. You can insert it into a dock that allows you to play Nintendo games on your TV. The next feature just may be what draws many to the Nintendo Switch. You will be able to take your game with you. If you are a gamer, there are times when you do not want to leave your house because you are so into the game. Being able to remove the Switch from the dock is a game changer.


What makes gaming so great today is the ability to play with friends and family online. Well, the Nintendo Switch makes it fun for us to have a handheld device to share. The detachable controllers and kickstand allow us to play multiplayer games easily. As we can see in the promo video, the joy of in-person gaming is brought back to life.

Nintendo Switch Games

We see games played in the promo video, and this is a great preview of the games we expect to come. Nintendo classics like Super Mario, Mario Kart and Legend of Zelda are among the titles gives us excitement as we wait for the March 2017 release. In addition to the classics, we see a basketball game, which paves the way for more Nintendo eSports games.

How to prepare for the release of the Nintendo Switch

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