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Oakley Airwaves Goggles Turn Your Ski Trip into a Ski Adventure

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Picture it: You’re standing at the top of the mountain. The powder is fresh and crisp, and you’re ready to launch into what is sure to be the biggest adrenaline feed you’ve ever experienced. All that’s missing is music – and the ability to let
your friends know where you are and what you’re planning so that they can admire your amazing feat. If this were a movie, there would be a soundtrack playing that could keep rhythm with your accelerated heartbeat instead of just the cold silence all around. Of course, if you were wearing Oakley Airwaves goggles, it would be a simple push of a button from a waterproof Bluetooth-enabled control pad on your wrist to crank the music, connect with your friends, and conquer that mountain in style.

Oakley Airwaves goggles are ski goggles with superpowers, using MOD Live technology to turn simple ski goggles into a techno-adventure of a life time. Created out of a partnership with Recon Instruments, Oakley Airwaves goggles were designed to provide skiers with immediate access via the goggles to GPS technology and Bluetooth. Track your friends, find new trails, and control your phone from a
waterproof remote control pad that attaches to your wrist. Powered by Bluetooth,
you can control your phone while it stays protected and dry inside your ski
suit. The goggles let you view everything on a perceived 14-inch display. The
app works with both Android and iOS (these are the first goggles to be
compatible with iOS).

When you’re slicing through fresh powder and feeling the cool air against your face, you don’t want to worry about your goggles. In fact, All that technology is grand, but when you’re skiing, you still need the goggles to function well for all the regular stuff goggles do, like protecting your eyes from wind, snow and sun. Of
course, Oakley has long been known for providing exceptional eye wear for skiers and athletes of all kinds, and the Oakley Airwave goggles are no exception.

The only thing that should be on your mind when you’re in such fine powder is how far can you take your adventure. Thanks to Oakley, skiing and technology has been blended together in the Oakley Airwaves goggles to transform a simple ski trip into your own virtual ski adventure. Your experience on the hill will never be the
same. The Oakley Airwaves goggles are through Evo
retailing for $600, available to you with the US Unlocked Card!

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