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Online gaming with Steam’s US store (here’s how)

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Steam, the ultimate online gaming platform

Do you love online gaming? So do 20 million other players who have spent 17 billion hours on Xbox Live alone, which is more than 2 hours for every person on the planet.

Steam, created by Valve is the world’s largest online gaming platform. With the use of the US Unlocked Card you can download from the US store over 1,100 titles!

Steam turns any PC or Mac into a gaming powerhouse by providing instant access to a huge library of titles, and by automatically keeping a user’s games completely up to date. With an active user-base of over 25 million, Steam also connects gamers with each other, making it easy to find friends, keep track of each other’s gaming activity, and easily play games together. Since its inception as a service for updating Valve’s own game Counter-Strike, Steam has grown to become a service used world-wide.

Users from all over the world can use Steam, downloading from the US store has its benefits however. Says Ian Wright, US Unlocked Card user from Australia:

On the US store, the game I wanted to purchase was US$49.99. They have regional pricing so some publishers bump up the price for Australians. The exact same game would cost me US$79.99 if I buy it with my Australian account. There are an increasing number of publishers that are using this sort of pricing discrimination, so having a US account (which you need a US billing address for) can save me lots of money on these games.

The US Unlocked Card will work like a charm for you on Steam, there is however one step to be taken.

We recommend all of our users to use Hotspot Shield when surfing the net and especially when using the US Unlocked Card. Hotspot Shield protects your data but also converts your foreign IP address into a US IP address which comes in handy on websites that block purchases from non-US IP addresses (iTunes!). But even with Hotspot Shield on, Steam will put an IP lock on your account which will result in the card to be declined.

All you need to do is contact support saying that you are attempting a purchase but you are not located in the country in which your card was issued and they will unlock your account.

Get your US Unlocked Card today for only $10 and also receive a $10 shipping reward after your first card load. How does US Unlocked Card work? Read here.

Happy gaming!

Some facts on gaming:

The online gaming market is worth more than $15 billion, with a total of 40 million users who have registered PlayStation Network accounts. Surprisingly, online gaming is somewhat equally divided between genders, at 58% male players and 42% female players. With progresses in technology and Internet, online gaming is becoming more popular with every day. Some of the bold predict that online gaming will soon become the only way people play video games soon.

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