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Pixel, Phone by Google! New Phone on the Block

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Apple has iOS. Google has Android. Apple has iPhone, a phone entirely designed by Apple, from software to hardware. Up until Tuesday, October 4th, Google didn’t make its own hardware. Google has now given Apple something to be afraid of, and that’s Pixel, Phone by Google. There’s also a larger Pixel XL version available.

Best of Pixel, Phone by Google

Google Assistant

Arguably the best feature brought to Pixel. Google’s Assistant is what some may consider Google’s version of Siri. But is it? Having Assistant is like having the power of Google with you at anytime, anywhere. Assistant works in a conversational matter. During the Made by Google event, Assistant performed many tasks by responding in a natural manner. You can ask it to play songs from a movie soundtrack or tell it to make a reservation at the closest Brazilian restaurant. If you have a phone running the latest version of Android, you’re out of luck. Assistant is only available on Pixel.

Unlimited Photo and Video Storage

Google is offering unlimited photo and video storage at no extra cost. People with iPhones may have experienced the dreadful “Storage Almost Full” message. With the new Pixel phone, you will never have to delete photos or videos to make room on your phone. In addition to unlimited storage, your photos are automatically organized, Google Photos also comes with tools to create collages and GIFS.

Best Camera on a Smartphone

Google was far from shy when they said that Pixel has the best camera on a smartphone. It got a DxOMark camera score of 89 — this is the best score ever given out to a phone. The Pixel has a 12.3-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front-facing camera. It also has Smart Burst functionality, which allows you to take a bunch of photos and automatically finds the best in the bunch.

Fast Charging

The battery life on Pixel will be loved by many. Pixel will last up to 13 hours if you are using Wi-Fi or up to 26 hours of talk time. If your battery is low and you’re on the run, no worries, only 15 minutes of charging will get you up to 7 hours of use. Perfect for people who forget to charge their phone at night, or for people that use their phone heavily throughout the day. 15 minutes and your phone’s charged long enough to last you through the rest of your day.

When can you have yours?

You can pre-order yours right now from the U.S. with the US Unlocked Card. Some pretty nice offers are available with Pixel pre-orders. When you pre-order Pixel from the U.S., you also get a promo code for a free Daydream View, a Google made VR headset. It doesn’t end with a free Daydream View, three months of Google Play Music comes with your Pixel pre-order as well. What will it cost you? The 5 inch, 32 GB version costs $649, putting it next to the new iPhone 7. Pixel XL will be $100 more, costing you $749 for the 5.5 inch, 32 GB version. They start shipping on October 20th.

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