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Behind The Chair is a cosmetic firm that manufactures, markets and supplies beauty, nail and related products. They are the leader in the salon media world, working with the top celebrity stylists and colorists who create the hair trends that consumers wear across the world.

More About Behind the Chair

Founded by Mary Rector- Gable in 2000. It is headquartered in West Chicago, Illinois, USA. They award the #OneShot Hair Awards annually at their BTC Show.

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Healthy Skin – the Benefits of Proactiv – Also for Men – Available Only in the US

Healthy Skin – the Benefits of Proactiv – Also for Men – Available Only in the US

Beauty Brought Monthly!

Getting tired of your usual beauty and makeup routines? Ipsy and Boxycharm are the monthly beauty subscriptions you will definitely want to try. These monthly cosmetic subscriptions are an easy way for you to try new skincare, makeup and hair product samples without having to pay the actual retail price. Ipsy For only $10 a Read More »

How to set up your US Unlocked Account

Applying for your US Unlocked Account is easy. We offer two types of virtual payment cards, the One- Time Use Card and Merchant Specific Cards. Your cards are ready for use when your first US Unlocked Account Load payment clears. In this guide, we will walk you through the different steps to create your US Read More »

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