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Bird Barrier® is America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of pest bird control. We specialize in urban bird control to remove pest birds humanely and effectively.


In business since 1993, Bird Barrier® America has led the way with innovative technologies designed to prevent birds from landing, roosting or nesting. Our main offices are located in Carson, CA.

Our best selling bird control product is our Bird-Flite bird spikes. Stainless steel construction ensures an extensive and effective service life for protection against pigeons and similarly sized nuisance birds.

Bird Barrier® also introduced the first electrical shock system designed to keep birds off surfaces. Stealthnet is our brand of bird netting that is used for total exclusion. Impenetrable by birds, it creates a barrier that is extremely effective and minimally visible. An attractive bird control option for aesthetically sensitive applications.

Popular Products

They have a number of popular products and provide DIY options as well as professionally installed solutions.

Some of their popular products
  • StealthNet®
  • Bird-Flite®
  • Bird-Shock® Flex-Track
  • Dura-Spike™
  • Optical Gel™
  • Daddi Long Legs™


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