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Sling TV is a U.S internet television service owned by Dish Network. It offers a selection of cable channels that can be streamed through smart TV’s and various digital devices through apps. The service has 2.59 million subscribers and is only available in the U.S and Puerto Rico.

How to Watch

Sling TV uses geoblockers to prevent users outside the U.S from accessing its content plus only allows users with American-based credit card to sign up.

You’ll need a VPN and set the location to anywhere in the U.S prior to creating your account then simply sign up using your US Unlocked card info and away you go.

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How to Create a Sling TV Account from Outside the US

Sling TV is a great way to stream all your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your couch or the palm of your hand, as it is the first app-based television streaming service. All it takes is an easy signup process to get started and is available on many devices. To see if your Read More »

Flock to Peacock TV

NBCUniversal has been highlighting it’s new streaming service for months and now it’s finally here! Users are claiming the new service is Christmas in July, due to the massive assortment of television shows and entertainment that have been released, and many of these shows are available to view for the low price of FREE! What Read More »

Online TV Streaming Updates

One of the biggest online TV streaming updates this week is the announcement of AT&T’s Direct TV Now. This new service is comparable to Sling TV and Playstation Vue in that they all stream live TV via an internet connection. The traditional cable box or satellite outside your home is not required. Similarly, Direct TV Read More »

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