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Target is the 8th largest retailer in the US and started in Minnesota in 1962 and currently has 1,844 stores throughout the US. The Target brand has been used in Australia and Canada but is a separate entity. There are no international stores.

Types of Target Stores

While the first Target store in Minnesota was a modest size, most stores that followed tended to reflect a more spacious architectural style. Many stores added expanded options like a grocery section and pharmacy.

SuperTarget – introduced in 2006, these stores were 50% larger than traditional Target stores to provide even more inventory and services that often included a food court and photography options.

CityTarget – these small format stores were adapted for urban areas with inventory more suitable for those in cities

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How to Shop at Target from Outside the US

Target is one of the most well-known stores worldwide and with a US Unlocked account, you can shop the popular store from anywhere in the world and have your items shipped straight to your door! From notebooks to colorful facemasks Target has all of your back to school and safety needs to send your children Read More »

Benefit from Back to School Sales in the U.S.

With the new school year approaching, most U.S. retailers run Back to School promotions.  Maybe you are not a student or parent to one, regardless you too can take advantage of the sales that are going on. The time to take advantage of sales on clothing, electronics, even home décor is now. There are Back to School sales in Read More »

Best Holiday Gifts to Buy in the US for Him

It’s always time for holiday shopping! You’ll want to buy gifts for the men in your life from trusted brands, with trusted quality. By shopping online in the U.S. with a U.S. billing address it is easy to buy from the brands you know and love. Below is our holiday gift guide for him: your Read More »

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