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Robots Takeover CES ‘18

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There are a plethora of robots that have taken over CES this year. Sony’s Aibo, the Aelous, and the Ubtech Walker are among robots that aided in the takeover.

Sony’s Aibo

Sony discontinued the Aibo in 2006 and now it has come back better than ever. The Aibo has a personality boost making it more dog-like. It is packed with new technology such as sensors and AI. Additionally, the Aibo can react to touch in three areas- on its head, back, and under its chin. Cameras in its nose and tail allow it to identify family members and sense the home environment. When it’s available, you will want to be the first with a robot dog.


When imagining a robot in your home, most imagine one that can clean the mess you leave behind, pick up items from the floor and keep your home secure. Well, the Aeolus can do just that and a bit more. Also, one of our favorite smart assistants, Alexa, lives inside Aeolus. Therefore, making it so you can talk to Aeolus.

Ubtech Walker

Alexa isn’t only in Aeolus, you will also find Alexa in Ubtech’s Walker. Walker is a bipedal robot that can walk around your home. Currently, Walker can detect motion and alert you if something suspicious is happening. What makes Walker so fun is that it can dance and play games with you. If you’re ever bored, Walker is a companion that will change that.

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