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Rumor: iPad orders may start this week!

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According to today’s rumor, spread by Appadvice, Apple might start taking orders for the iPad as early as this Thursday February 25. Appadvice (previously is not exactly known to be a reliable source. But they claim to be quoting “reliable sources” “familiar with the matter”. Or is it just the fact that Steve Jobs had said in January that the Wi-Fi-enabled iPads would arrive 60 days after the announcement (sometime before March 29) with the 3G-enabled iPad arriving 30 days later? Who knows. The fact is that everyone picked up on the rumor, including

Whether Thursday will be the day or not, it is unclear whether there will be any order limitations like with the launch of the iPhone which make it impossible to order from outside the US (which is what Apple wants).

The iPad will initially not be sold through authorized dealers like B&H and MacConnection. This is as much as we have found out.

I guess we just have to try not to hold our breath and just wait calmly for the green light. As always count on US Unlocked to stay informed on any breaking news.

Update 3/5: iPad for sale April 3, pre-order March 12 (How to order from outside the US)

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