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Sale Saturday: This weekends Sales and Upcoming Sales for the Week

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It’s Saturday! Most everyone’s favorite day of the week and we are here to highlight all the upcoming and current sales you need to be aware of.

What Sales to Watch

  • Madewell is having a HUGE sale with up to 40% off clearance items. A must-have for their collection of jewelry, shoes, and clothing for men and women.
  • Ulta is still enjoying their 21 Days of Beauty and why can’t you? Head over to their site and they have amazing discounts of countless products that every beauty needs.
  • When getting ready for the new PlayStation, head over to CD Keys, because they are currently offering a year of PlayStation Network for 28.69, over 50% off the normal price.
  • Check out Gamestops Cyber Weekend in September! Up to 80% off countless items that every gamer needs.
  • Head over to Target to keep an eye on the new Xbox preorder release!

Keep an eye out as we update this blog to never miss out on all the deals you can catch using your US Unlocked card!

Step by Step on How to Shop Amazing Deals Internationally

You can use your US Unlocked Card for everything the listed sites have to offer. 

To Sign Up here are the steps:

  1. Be a US Unlocked Cardholder! Sign Up
  2. Make your first card load payment
  3. Once your load clears your account is set up
  4. Set up your Merchant-Specific Card settings if you plan on being a frequent shopper or use the One-Time Use Card to shop on one-time purchases
  5. Connect over VPN from a U.S. IP address
  6. Enter US Unlocked Card details and make payment at the selected store.
  7. Make sure the billing and shipping address are correct
  8. Start shopping!

It is always recommended to check whether your VPN is working. You can go to The IP location displaying should be somewhere in the USA.

Create your US Unlocked account today to start shopping amazing deals today!

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