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Save big on HideMyAss! VPN service during summer promo Being connected to the web from a US IP address is crucial for making successful purchases with the US Unlocked Card, because most merchants will block any purchase coming from a non-US IP address.
Therefore a reliable VPN service provider like HideMyAss! (HMA) is your best shopping partner.
There are some free VPN services around, but you’ll soon get very annoyed with the constant ads that slow down your connection. HMA is a paid service and has a great summer promotion going on right now that allows you to save a lot of money.If you are a fervent online shopper the 12 months plan is your best deal. During this promotion you get this subscription for more than half off the normal price.See all summer sale details:

Plan Normal price Promotion
1 month $11.52 $9.99
6 months $69.12 $39.99
12 months $138.24 $59.99 (56% saving!)

Aside from the advantage of being able to shop on US websites from a US IP address, HideMyAss! secures your connection to internet to evade hackers and to allow you to surf the net privately.

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