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Sephora Blocks Freight Forwarding Addresses – Recommended Alternative Sites for Make-Up and Skincare Products

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Sephora suddenly decided to no longer ship the freight forwarding addresses, letting down an enormous international fanbase with this decision.

Luckily there are many other great cosmetics and beauty web sites in the USA. Mostly anything that Sephora sells can be found on Amazon Beauty.

We have taken a look at the Sephora’s weekly Make-Up picks and searched them on Amazon.

We found this Lash Pumping Serum Dior mascara
for the same price of $28. The same Tarte Amazonian Blush costs also $25 on Amazon.

In fact many Sephora Collection items can also be found on Amazon. Love Smashbox? No need to to be without!

For the rare items that you cannot find on Amazon, you will certainly find them elsewhere. For skincare products for example we highly recommend Have a look at this exfoliating wash by Philosophy the Microdelivery, a favorite in beauty land.

Or at bestseller Origins Anti-Aging Serum for visible anti-aging results.

Basically anything you could possible be looking for in Make-Up, SkinCare, Bath & Body, Hair etc. you were used to buying from Sephora can be found elsewhere.

The ‘beauty’ (pun intended) of shipping your cosmetic purchases through US Unlocked is that we consolidate and re-pack your items into one shipment, saving you lots of money on international shipping.

For more beauty website suggestions, check below.

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