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Shop Tommy Hilfiger on Macy’s for much less!

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Tommy Hilfiger is a very popular brand to customers outside the US. Unfortunately this merchant will not ship to your US shipping address if it is a freight forwarding address. You can still buy the Tommy Hilfiger outfit you have seen on their website. How? By buying it on with your US Unlocked prepaid card. You will even save a lot of money.

Currently Macy’s has a big sale going on, you’ll receive an additional 20% on select merchandise with promo code BLOOM. We looked up some styles on the Tommy website and found the same items on Macy’s for you.

So here’s the All About Indigo look consisting of an ombre striped sweater for $139 and denim pants. We found the same sweater on Macy’s and placed it our shopping bag. After discount the price came to just $79.99!

For women we found this bold printed shirt that is selling on Tommy for $64.50, while on Macy’s we are charged just $31.99.

You will not find everything that has on Macy’s, however you will also find additional styles. For the money you save, you can shop some more 😉

Please make sure to read: Key information about shopping online at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s from outside the US

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