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Unbelievable Deals on Groupon!

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Groupon is an eCommerce site that offers thousands of money saving deals on local activities and restaurants. You can also find once in a lifetime getaways to the hottest destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. In addition, Groupon has offerings for consumer goods that would be difficult to find elsewhere. The best deals are found in the U.S.

Getaways on Groupon

USU MexicoWe realize saving for up for vacations takes lots of time and effort. Depending on your desired destination, the amount that you need to save can be cut up in half when you use Groupon. You can find up to 50% off all-inclusive stays in Mexico, Latin America, or the Caribbean. Places you might not have thought been possible to visit because of its high price are now possible thanks to having access to Groupon US with the US Unlocked Card.

Consumer Goods on Groupon

USU HomeYou will find many of products ranging from jewelry to electronics or health & beauty to auto & home improvement. However they are not offered outside the U.S. For instance, you would not be able to save 65% on a Samsung 75” 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (Refurbished). By going to the Groupon For the Home section, you will see products that shout “BUY ME NOW” because of how insane the savings are.

Groupon Getaways & Goods from the U.S.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We all like to save money whenever we are making spending decisions on goods or vacations. When you use the US Unlocked Card, you can buy on Groupon from the U.S and feel at ease. The US Unlocked Card is a virtual prepaid debit card that has a U.S. billing address. We partner with forward shipping companies that allow us to use their address as the billing address on our cards. We are currently partnered with:

The US Unlocked Card is accepted on most U.S. websites where prepaid is accepted. When using your card, do make sure you are always connected over VPN (U.S. IP address) when making a purchase. To check whether your VPN is working you can go to The IP location will need to be somewhere in the U.S.A.

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