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Shopping the Apple store while using a freight forwarding service


With the releases of the iPhone 12 and the iPad Air, shopping at is high on the list of the US Unlocked Card users. While buying Apple products from outside the US is easy as long as you have set up a US iTunes account first (click here for instructions), especially with newly released gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad there is something you should know.

For these purchases, Apple requires you to use the same address for both billing and shipping. The US Unlocked Card is issued standard with our NJ address unless you have come through one of our partners who will allow you to use their shipping address as the billing address. If you are planning to shop for an iPad and or iPhone (holiday shopping!)
we recommend to Use the same US address for billing and shipping for a better online shopping experience.

Please note, that if you placed your Apple order according to the instructions above Apple might still cancel or decline your order saying they do not ship to freight forwarders. In that case the product is likely short on stock as this seems to be the automated message in those cases. You could just retry after a few days.

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