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Shopping the US Nike store while using a freight forwarding service

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UPDATE January 21, 2014. From top management:

‘Unfortunately we are no longer working with re-shippers. Our strategy is to enable foreign credit card transactions on the US site over time (we currently allow Canadian based cards with a number of other countries to roll out shortly). Where this is not the case, we expect consumers to either shop within their home markets or to shop in physical stores when they travel to the US.
We are enabling foreign based credit cards to be processed but only for shipping to addresses within the US. We will not ship internationally. The intended use is for tourists or consumers temporarily in the US and not for people to access product or pricing that is different from their home country.’

The online US Nike store is in the top 5 of most favorite stores to shop from among shoppers around the world.
US Unlocked Card users often ask us if the card is accepted at The US Unlocked Card is most definitely accepted here as it is on most US websites (for
the best results, please follow guidelines as described in Making Payments with the US Unlocked Card). However, to place a successful order it is important to know that Nike requires the billing and shipping address to be the same.

Luckily our partners OPAS and MyUS allow users to use their shipping address as their billing address. If you already are a MyUS or OPAS user and you are interested in having the same billing and shipping address please reach out to us at [email protected] and provide the address. If you are not a member yet of either service, consider signing up.

Please note, that besides the addresses from these two services and our own billing address we are not authorized to use any other billing address.

Despite many users being able to place orders at Nike, some are running into declines. When asked, Nike says they do not ship to freight forwarding addresses:


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