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Staying Warm This Winter With Hot New Fashions

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Fall and winter fashion trends tend to offer an intriguing array of clothing that is focused on staying warm, but also staying stylish.  This includes outerwear, but this year’s cold weather lineup is also considering the importance of stylish layering with soft textiles and basic to bold prints.  This gives fashionistas around the world a plethora of choices to mix and match, for a truly unique look that will still give shelter from the cold.

Knits Are Neat

One of the bigger trends for this year is the return of knit garments.  This goes way beyond the pullover, and includes full outfits in luxurious cashmere, alpaca, and mohair fibers.  Sweater dresses are definitely in, with hemlines ranging from mini to maxi.  Other offerings from the runway include knit sets, with tops and skirts that can be worn together or interchanged.

The styling on the new line of knits does lean towards a classic silhouette, which is not only flattering to all body types, but gives clean lines that can be easily worn beneath heavier winter coats.  Designs for the new knits do range from geometric color work to Nordic cables and textures that add dimension.

The focus on knits is not just in clothing, but also in accessories.  Bold and chunky scarves are all the rage this year.  Swaddling yourself in one of these is not only a fashion statement, but also a practical consideration for the coming cold. Keep warm and look cute!

Coats Of All Kinds

Outerwear is obviously big for the winter season, and the fashion world seems to be showing off its ability to blend diversity with this year’s display of coats.  The classic puffy coat is still in style, although it has been re-imagined with slightly sleeker lines, metallic finishes, and tailoring that gives shape along with the warmth.

The other big trend in outerwear is tailored wool coats in bold plaids.  The styling on these can range from pea coat to trench, but the bold displays of color are part of the draw for these offerings.  Whether they are buttoned or belted, these plaids are making a comeback to the fashionable streets.

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